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Find answers to your most frequently asked questions...

Methods offered include: 

Hand Tied Wefts

Volume Wefts



& Tape 

How to Know Which Method is for You...

Consultations are key when looking for the best method to deliver the desired result you are wanting to achieve.   Setting up a consult will allow for a good examination of your hair and we will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for extensions,  and if so...then offer the best options moving forward.


16" length hair 

Deposit: $300

Install: $600

Includes Haircut to blend 

Additional color  or toning is not included.

Each additional 2 inches of hair increases $100 +

How long will the hair last?

With proper care and maintenance,  the hair will last 6-12 months.   Heat, chlorine and other stressors can cause premature shedding and frizz on your extension hair.  Think of it as an investment and take great care of your new hair.


Consultations are required to determine the best fit for your budget and hair needs.  $50 Deposit required to book,  and will apply towards the install fee. 

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